ABOUT ME [..and Bella!]:

I’ll keep this super short and sweet.

Bella and I live, work [well, I work] and play in Sacramento, CA. We travel together, we go out to eat together, we exercise together, and we learn together. She may be “just” a dog, but she has been a steady rock in my life for the last several years and I depend on her as much as she depends on me.

My passion for words is not limited to writing – I love to read as well. I enjoy learning [just not in a classroom] and I’m constantly perusing the internet for news articles, DIY projects, doggy diets – you name it! We literally have the entire world at our fingertips – mind blowing!

If you come across blog advice online, everything you read says that when you’re writing a blog you should pick a topic and stick to it. So if that’s what you’re looking for in this blog, you aren’t going to find it. I write about whatever pops into my head and whatever I feel necessitates its own post. Life is too short to stick to the “guidelines” of some internet know-it-alls. We should break the rules a little bit when we actually can!

You’ll learn more about both Bella and me if you follow my blog and read along as we navigate our way through this beautiful journey called life.

Thanks for reading!

– Bella + The Blonde


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