Last week was one of the busiest weeks in the accounting world. Every single 1099 is supposed to be mailed out by the last business day of the month. Key word there: SUPPOSED. Yeah, there’s always a few slackers that don’t get their info in to us until the following Monday. But, it is what it is. However, now that 1099s are (for the most part) over and done with, there’s a bit of a lull until March when business returns are due and individuals begin to scramble realizing they only have a month left to complete theirs.

Since I’m now in said lull, I must find ways to entertain myself from 8-5, Monday through Friday. As much as I enjoy browsing Pinterest and online shopping, my bank account doesn’t quite appreciate my enthusiasm, and so free entertainment must ensue (well, MOSTLY free).

I say free because I don’t have to pay for internet at work.

After putting together a few final 1099s that trickled in over the weekend, I logged into my ever-forgotten Facebook account to see if I had missed anything in the social networking world in the last three weeks. I hadn’t (big shocker). But, as I’m sure many of you can attest to, I found myself weaving my way through page after page of personal nonsense. (No offense to many of you, but, have you ever heard of a diary?) It was during my mindless Facebook surfing that I came across a friend-of-a-friend’s page. I saw a photo that caught my eye, and the next thing I knew I was clicking on links to blogs and following this person’s life via photography. It was MESMERIZING. While I’ve never even met her, I was totally captivated by her photos. It made me wish that I was more of a photographer. Sure, I take a few iPhone photos here and there to post on Instagram, but nothing of really good quality that would capture a viewer’s attention. (To see the photos that caught my eye, click

Last semester I took a photography and Photoshop class and absolutely HATED it! Despised it! I struggled immensely through the entire semester and ended up with a terrible grade. I loathed coming up with 100 photos every single week. It was annoying to lug around a five pound camera and to try and remember f-stops and all of that photography drivel. Every photo I took had the wrong exposure and therefore an overabundance of noise and general ugliness. But after seeing this girl’s photos, and then following her links to a few other photography blogs, I am finding myself willing to pick up my camera again and start shooting.

And now the ongoing photographer debate: Canon versus Nikon. What say you?

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