Beer Thirty.

It’s finally FRIDAY! (Insert emoji with gigantic toothy smile here). All over our social networks, people are hashtagging #TGIF, and making plans for the upcoming evening. And as long as you’re of legal age (or at least have a fake ID), you pretty much KNOW that you’ll be finding yourself at a bar somewhere.

Okay, so we’ve determined that you’re not spending Friday night at home on your couch catching up on Law & Order: SVU. Now the question is, where are you going?

When I was 18-21, my weekend nights found me gussied up from head-to-toe in a booth at a club somewhere in downtown Sacramento.


For those of you who think this is still enjoyable in the backside of your twenties or in your early thirties, I applaud you.

As I near the beginning of the fourth decade of my young life, I’m finding enjoyment in simpler, less complicated places (this does not mean at home on my couch, however, the idea becomes more and more appealing with every passing weekend). No, my Friday nights generally find me at a dive bar somewhere rocking yoga pants and a zip-up hoodie.

Yeah. Now I bet you’re wondering why you’re still spending hundreds of dollars on miniskirts and heels and putting in so much work on your face and hair when people like me are doing the exact opposite. Return those new shoes you bought and put that $100 toward something more reasonable, like a cab ride from the bar that’s just right down the street.

So aside from the lack of dress code enforcement at the local bars, what else sets them apart from a night club? Maybe you like getting dressed up every weekend. (If you have to get dressed up for work every day, then you probably feel my pain and understand why casual attire is so necessary on weekends). If this is the case, ask yourself – how much am I spending on drinks (and, probably, drugs, since popping molly at the club seems to be #trendingnow)?

The answer is: WAY TOO MUCH. The bar down the street not only offers cheap drinks (and has ’round the clock drink specials), but there isn’t a ridiculous pressure to be high on drugs whilst conversing with your peers.

Another plus – the people that don’t put any effort into their appearance are REAL. They don’t put on a front to impress others. We are all there for one common reason: to let loose and have fun. We are over the point in our lives where we think we are going to meet Mr.- or Mrs. Right at a bar. Not to mention, we realized it’s completely EXHAUSTING to get so thoroughly ready every weekend. And, for that matter, why try and look cute when you know you’re just going to get retardedly drunk and end up looking haggard? Might as well start the night as a slob if you’re going to end it as one.

All this casual bar talk has get me craving an ice cold brewski. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

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