Loving the Little Things

I meant to write this post yesterday, but I’ve been so busy that I’m a day late (but not a dollar short)!

This weekend kicked off my start to living a happier, healthier, more responsible life (and, more specifically, summer).

In my previous post I vowed that I would be devoting this summer to my fur babies and being a better “me.”

I am generally an early riser, even on weekends. I hate the feeling that precious time is passing me by while I laze away in bed. My Dobermans feel the same. My mornings typically begin with Baby Roca’s wet Dobie nose poking my face, and her giant pink tongue leaving a slobber trail all across my face. Some mornings she does this from her spooning position beside me, other mornings she hops off the bed, walks up to my head, and lays her adorable face right next to mine (let’s face it, she’s so tall her head is the exact height of my bed). If she’s already off the bed, it’s time to get up PRONTO because somebody has to do a number two in a BAD way.

This last Saturday, the Dobies could tell I had plans, and that those plans included them (little did they know that they each had a bath in store for them). I loaded them up in my new car and we were on our way!

There is a gorgeous, preserved nature trail that follows a paved path behind several neighborhoods. The dogs love it because it’s chalk full of wetlands – this means DUCKS and WATER.. Easily two of their favorite things. Not to mention they get to run off leash the entire time.

It was on this walk that I really noticed the beauty around me; the fact that all three of us were fully enjoying nature in such different ways. I love to photograph everything I see on these walks, while the dogs love to swim and chase birds and run up and down and around in big giant circles.



After our romp on the nature trail, we went to visit my [NEWLY RETIRED!] dad and give him a celebratory gift..


At 9.5% alcohol he couldn’t exactly drink the beer that early in the day without needing a giant nap, but since our last name is “Jack,” I thought it was pretty appropriate..

I finished my Saturday with a sunset cruise on the boat (I know, I know.. I said I wasn’t going to go boating – but to be fair, the dogs got a great workout and were exhausted the rest of the day).


Sunday morning, Baby Roca and I headed over to grandma and grandpa’s or show them my new car. Roca was in heaven! Grandpa spoiled her with half his sandwich AND a snickerdoodle cookie. She also didn’t have to share her ball with alpha female Bella..


And finally my Sunday evening was, yet again, spent on the boat enjoying nature and it’s glorious beauty.

I feel blessed every day to have been given such a wonderful life. Not every day is easy, but I always try my hardest to put my best foot forward. I’d say for my first weekend of a responsible summer devoted to my dogs, I did a pretty good job.

Stay tuned.. I’ll be keeping you updated on my yummy summer recipes as well!

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