When Life Throws You Curves…

…You learn to swerve.

That’s how the saying goes.. Right?

Maybe, but I think a more appropriate ending would be: …You hit the ball right out of the damn park!

I mentioned in previous posts that 2013 was a tough year for me. And, unfortunately, the first half of 2014 has presented a few challenges as well. I think that as we grow up and really become adults, life truly throws us a lot more curve balls. It’s how we handle these situations that grows and shapes who we are.

And so, I come around to avoiding the “swerve.” Recently, I had to deal with a whole issue of my dog biting someone and having to pay steep hospital bills because a certain individual thought that a midnight trip to the ER was necessary. I will admit, being bitten by a dog, any dog, is a scary situation. HOWEVER, unless you are mauled to the point where you need plastic surgery or TRULY believe that the dog may have diseases or rabies or something of the sort, I hardly think that a hospital trip is necessary.

But, alas, that was not my decision to make, and so, for legal reasons, I am being forced to pay for a mistake made by my pet. And, let me tell you, I avoided this situation like the plague until I absolutely had to deal with it. I hate confrontation, and the most run-ins I’ve ever had with the “law” have been minor speeding and parking violations. The last thing I ever expected to deal with in my life was having to go to small claims court to deal with a literally minor dog bite. But, as an adult, I must take responsibility for the actions of my pets; they have no way to speak for themselves, and are, essentially, a direct extension of my parenting (although, I will point out, that my boyfriend had a significant role in the origination of this so-called bite).

But that is neither here nor there. The point is, I dealt with it, as unwilling as I was, as an adult would. I went to court, and now I’m paying my “dues to society,” if you will.

Someone once said to me that our society is set up so that you can’t get ahead – that you are always one or two steps behind. More times than not, it feels this way. Sometimes, it seems like I am constantly fighting an uphill battle. Will I ever NOT be living paycheck-to-paycheck? Will I ever NOT be breaking even? It seems like I’ll forever be consumed with debt and expenses, but the truth of the matter is, if we fight hard for what we want, and we battle every little thing that comes our way head on, then we WILL succeed.

Life isn’t easy. If it was, we’d all be billionaires; we’d each own an island which we would only be accessible by private jet (which, of course, everyone would have). But, this is just not reality. Every challenge that presents itself to us, whether we choose to face it or not, makes us who we are – these bumps in the road are the building blocks of personalities, lifestyle choices, bad habits, the list goes on. Some of us may avoid problems by over-imbibing and escaping reality. Others of us may just ignore the problem until the absolute last second, and then tread as delicately as possibly until the issue is resolved. The choices we make reflect who we are.

So what are your choices going to be? I know I’m nowhere near perfect. There have been way too many instances in my life where I’ve turned to “friends” and alcohol because I didn’t like something that came across my life path. I don’t know if I’d go as far to say that I regret that decision, but I’ve learned that getting drunk only temporarily numbs your mind, and only puts the problem off until sobriety returns. In short, it is never the answer.

But we all must learn how to deal with things in our own ways; that is part of the beauty of life – having the freedom to choose. At the end of the day, just be sure that you are happy with the path of life that you are on. We will always have regrets, but be conscious of why you have them and how you can change so that you don’t feel that way about certain situations again.

There is an old saying, which you have probably heard – “Take the bull by the horns.” DO IT. There is nothing stopping you from being in charge of your own life and the choices you make to shape your future.

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