This morning at promptly 7:00, Bella and I awoke in beautiful Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe.

As we drove up the hill from Sacramento yesterday evening, I could literally feel my life stresses falling away into some stress vortex that exists somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas. It’s as if the weight of life legitimately cannot exist when you arrive in Tahoe.

It was on my usual walk with Bella this morning as we looped around The Back Road of Glenbrook that I got to thinking about balance.

Life has been challenging me quite a bit lately. I’ve had to deal with a lot of negativity and “downs” in the last six months, and while it’s been rough, it’s made me appreciate how lucky I am in so many other aspects of life.

I have two amazing dogs, I have a wonderful family, a roof over my head, a glorious home in Lake Tahoe, and so many other things.

So even if you’re having a bad day, remember that the hardest times in life are what define the best times. Without the tough we wouldn’t have the ups and the greats.

Appreciate the negative. Appreciate the challenges and the days where you think you’ll never make it through. You will. And the reward will be so worth the battle.

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