“Never Lose Your Childish Innocence”

**Disclaimer: This post is about the very debatable topic of abortion – I know that everyone has their strong opinions on this, so I by no means think that anybody should agree with me or change their views based on what I say below. I respect that it’s a touchy topic, and that everyone has a personal bias and reason for what they believe.**

If you follow my blog, I think you know by now that I’m somewhat of a feminist. Not in a totally liberal or hardcore way, but I definitely believe in women’s lib and being a strong, independent woman.

Yesterday I went to a clinic in Sacramento to take care of my, *ahem*, womanly check-ups and things (sorry, but it’s a part of life). Feminine care is supposed to be covered by insurance, but my coverage sucks and a basic check-up is still going to cost me. So, the free clinics are just as good, and I actually prefer them because they are a lot more gentle and hospitable because of the type of women that actually need the free (or discounted) care that these clinics offer.

Anyway, I guess yesterday was a scheduled abortion day. Meaning, there are certain days of the week where clinics block out time to perform surgical abortions, as well as offer the abortion pill (if you are under a certain week number).

As there always is on these specified days, there were picketers and protesters standing on the sidewalks outside of the clinic. They are never violent or forceful about their opinions – and I can completely respect that they are there for that very reason: to make their opinions known.

What I cannot and will not respect, however, is what I witnessed in this group of protesters yesterday. A woman brought her two young children, probably no older than four and six, to stand with herself and her fellow picketers to protest abortion and to send the message of pro-life.

This brought about an ire in me that I didn’t even know existed.

It is one thing for adults with the knowledge and wisdom of a significant amount of years under their belts to stand for something and to have an opinion about something. It is NOT OKAY for a grown adult to bring his or her children to a protest about abortion. A child that young should not be exposed to the imagery that is displayed, nor should they even have any sort of knowledge of what an abortion is at that young of an age. There is one thing that we can never get back once we reach a certain age, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is innocence. If you have the choice to allow your child to live and grow as a normal child should (and you do, this is America, land of the FREE), then PLEASE let them!

If we as adults have the freedom to choose our sides on debatable topics, the freedom to choose whether or not we want to eat meat, the freedom to choose which religions to practice (if any), or what we want to watch on TV or listen to on the radio (okay, this is subjective because those two things are censored, HOWEVER..), then shouldn’t our children be able to choose to keep their innocence and their love and passion for every aspect of life until it is naturally robbed of them when they reach an age where hormones take over?

It truly disgusts me that people would even consider exposing their babies to that sort of an environment. In the off-chance that a woman who was going to the clinic for an abortion actually spoke out to the protesters, it could have ended disastrously had said woman been raped or had an ectopic (in the fallopian tube) pregnancy and chose to voice these things in front of small children.

Again, I understand that this is America. The luxury of living here is that we do have the freedom to say and do what we want (most of the time). I just feel that a clear, giant, red line should be drawn and not crossed when it comes to children and what they should and should not be a witness to.

I admit, I am not a mother to a human. I have a dog, and I realize that it is by no means the same, as dogs cannot understand the human language nor can they understand photographic images. But I think I know my friends and my family well enough to know that none of them would ever consciously choose to bring their child into that sort of an environment.

There is a time and a place for everything. As I stated before, I completely and one-hundred-percent respect everybody’s rights to their own opinions. All I ask is that you should respect that your children should also have the rights to their own opinions. And that those opinions should come a lot later in their lives.


*The quote from my title is from the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.”


  1. Nice, very nice!

    I’m pro choice myself, but I do keep an open mind.

    Some people forget that pro choice does not necessarily mean choosing only abortion. You can also CHOOSE not to abort. Some pro choice activists have gotten way ahead of themselves. Especially some you see debating on national television. I’ve wised up, and do not watch Fox news or any of that biased trash tv anymore. But it did hurt my brain when I did.

    I really liked this though!


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