Google Maps – Find Destination: Me.

When I left for college at the age of 18, I thought for sure I was on the straight and narrow path to success, my future, and most importantly, finding myself.

The best laid plans..

I think, for the most part, almost everyone can relate to the strange vortex that we get lost in when we are searching for something but we aren’t sure what it is and we obviously have no clue how to obtain it.

How do you find something when you don’t have any idea as to what it is?

I guess, my friends, that is what life is about. Discovering things about yourself that you love; discovering things about yourself that you hate; finding passions and opinions, paving your way through this crazy world we have been given the gift to live in.

For me, my biggest struggle in the last ten years has been learning to be okay with the fact that not everybody is built to follow the rules of society. Sure, college is a wonderful experience, and, these days, it’s very difficult to get a decent job without a degree on your resume. However, what society tells us, that we must go straight from high school to four or five years of college and then immediately into a career, cannot be achieved by every single person on the planet. I have been in-and-out of four colleges since I graduated high school in 2005. FOUR. Most people are lucky to even get into one. And it was after this last attempt to sit in a painstakingly boring classroom and work my ass off for a grade so I could someday make a chunk of money that I realized I was already doing what people go to school for. I already had a full-time job with opportunity for advancement. I was already in a position that many college-educated people could and would be applying for after four years of putting themselves in debt.

I’m not saying that going to college is the wrong path. On the contrary, I love to learn and I am one-hundred-percent on board with education. However, that said, sometimes it’s okay to take some time off after high school and travel, or work, or do whatever it is that you think will make you happy.

It took me ten years to realize that I hate sitting in a classroom, and I love getting up and going to work every day. And getting PAID. Insert huge grinning smiley face emoji here.

What I’m saying, boys and girls, is that it’s okay to put everyone else’s plans on hold so that you can take the time to discover what makes you “tick.” It may have taken me until the year of my ten year high school reunion to learn all of these things about myself, but I know I will be spending every single day for the rest of my life finding out more new and exciting things about who I am. And I cannot wait.

So, GO, my fellow comrades. The world is your oyster!


  1. Well that is very interesting. I am a mother of 4 all adults now. My 2 oldest went away to college and the two younger ones did not. In fact my oldest became a professional student, because he was so scary smart school was his safe place. Unfortunately he wasted a lot of his time and our money doing this. Then my next one came home pregnant, and we had to help her with our grandchild and put her through a nursing program, but at least she is an RN and able to support herself. But she broke our hearts and used us, but that drama is for another post. Our two youngest had no intention of ever going to college. 18 years old and B A M out in the real world and working full-time and doing what they love. They are professional Ballet dancer’s. School is not for everyone, and I think that after high school everyone needs to learn out in the school of hard knocks. I think college is just a place to party for 4 years and then maybe get a better job. My husband graduated from Northwestern with a BS in political science, got married to me and then went back and got his MBA. So I think I can give an informed opinion on college. It’s not for everyone… Just sayn’ Thanks for reading, I do go on !!! :)


  2. I did college and traveled afterward. I think everyone should travel when there younger. It will open your mind and allow you to better understand other cultures and be more understanding overall.


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