Happy Hearts

Whoever decided to plop Valentine’s Day on the calendar only a month-and-a-half into the new year should be shot. And not by Cupid.

Okay, okay. Maybe not that drastic. But how cruel is it, though? I mean, most of us look at the new year as a clean slate. A chance to make some changes. The opportunity to turn a corner. We’re all delirious from the high that only the promise of a new year can bring.. And then *BAM!* a horrendously rude reminder that, even though you’re sticking to your resolutions and feeling really good about yourself, you are still, in fact, single as fuck.

Oh, and since it’s National Single Awareness Day and you’re now undoubtedly lonely and depressed, here’s several pounds of chocolate candy [in the shape of a heart, of course] to stuff your face with while you wallow in self pity and throw yourself completely off course from your newly implemented new years diet.

Saint Valentine.. More like Cynic Valentine.

I haven’t always hated Valentine’s Day. In fact, as a child, I loved it. I looked forward to decorating my little mailbox into which all the valentines from my fellow classmates would go. I always got so excited to pick out valentines cards at the store – usually it was some Disney princess of some sort. And then going through your mailbox after passing around cards and getting to eat candy and seeing what everybody else picked out for their Valentine’s Day cards – I loved it! It was actually fun. And fair. Everybody passed out Valentines. And everybody received them. Nobody ever felt left out.

And then junior high happened. And Valentine’s Day became a popularity contest. If you didn’t get flowers and candy then you were basically a troll. And that’s about the time that I decided Valentine’s Day was a shitty made-up holiday that was for saps and weaklings.

And since then I’ve really never cared much for the holiday. Even the years that I’ve had boyfriends I’ve adamantly refused to acknowledge the day nor celebrate it in any way.

BUT, despite aaallllllll of the years I’ve devoted to hating Valentine’s Day, I’ve realized in my advancing age [ha!] that being negative is downright exhausting. So instead of expelling useless energy on despising the holiday, this year I’ve decided to embrace it as a day that means recognizing ALL of the people we love, not just the ones we’re spending forever with [or, for some of us, for now].

And, really, we shouldn’t need a designated holiday to remind us to tell those close to us how much we love and cherish them. We should tell them every day. We should do little things throughout the year to show them we care.

See? Even the blackest of hearts can get warm and fuzzy sometimes..

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