Step Aside, Brain!

As a writer [or as somebody who likes to think she’s a writer], I also have an undeniable passion for reading. Something about words, man. I don’t know what it is. Like a drug, maybe? I just love ’em.


If you know anything about writing, then you know aaalllllllll about the dreaded “writer’s block.” If you don’t.. Then, let me tell you, it’s totally a thing.

And really it all boils down to a basic mental block. For me, and trying to decide what to post on my blog, it’s just constantly overthinking everything I write and every idea I have. The minute I drop a bunch of thoughts on paper I begin to judge myself. Is this too negative? Is this too reprimanding? Does this sound totally dumb? Do I sound like a naggy mom? You get the idea..

I’m not kidding, though. I literally have, like, a hundred unpublished, half-finished drafts.

With my recent social media cleanse [and also a coinciding decision to frequent the local bars less], I’ve had to find other ways to entertain myself and fill the voids that Instagram and wine used to fill.

In my work industry [health insurance], the last three months of the calendar year are a total time suck. What little time you have for yourself, you spend with family and friends. As a result, my blog upkeep fell behind a bit. My willingness to stay healthy and fit went by the wayside. In short, my personal priorities dissipated.

SO – with all this free time I now find myself with, I have been trying to expand my horizons more. I’ve been trying to get back to eating healthy and exercising [pounding pavement is good for your soul, y’all]. I’ve been crafting more [click here to see the cute V-Day gifts I DIY-ed for the gals in my family]. And, of course, I’ve been trying to vamp up my blog a bit – what can I do to unblock the block?! How can I turn all of my pending drafts into public posts?

Sometimes with writing all I need is a little inspirational boost. And the best way to get that is by reading. Which, for me, means reading other people’s blogs, reading news articles, doing research online. Anything, really, that will expand my mind and get the mental words flowing. Oh, and running. Often times my thoughts are just a jumbled mess inside my brain, and a little bit of cardio can really just straighten all that ish out!

And for those of you who aren’t writers and aren’t trying to unblock any mental blocks, I still recommend doing some reading. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it, you can ALWAYS find something short and sweet that will pique your interest. The internet is a seemingly endless maze of useful [and, let’s face it, useless] information. But, alas, there is something for everybody!

What do you guys do to unblock your blocks? I would love to hear feedback! I’m always open to new ideas.

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